Trauma and All the Rope

November 12th, 2015

Trauma went well. Three nights of costumes, shows, rope, and kink. We did over three hundred scenes in our balcony. Serving something like 500 people. It was a great time. We had a lot of fun, and some really boisterous dinners after each night. It was great to have new crew join us and old crew reappear. Fortunately, we have another year before we have to do it again.

Our usual weekday meeting is off this month, but we have all the rope. Two rope meetings so far, and one more to go. Hoping to catch all the new folks that met the rope crew at Trauma. We had some really good attendance at the first two, hoping it holds for the next.

Two more parties left this year. Some holiday fun yet to have. Looking forward to relaxing a bit through the end of the year. And then we start all over again. 🙂


Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2014

By next post, the year will be over. I hope you had a good one. In my time-keeping, I dubbed this the Year of Change. People moving, getting new jobs, people passing, babies born, houses bought, classes taken. There have been some Serious Discussions, and quite a lot of flirting, and some forward progress made. I have played far too much World of Warcraft, but also read quite a lot more books this year than last, even discovering a good handful of new authors. I’ve just started Kushiel’s Dart, and it looks intriguing so far.

I even made him proud of me at the recent self-suspension class – hardly anyone there had ever seen me tie a rope before, and a couple asked him if I was a rigger, when just as the hands-on part began, I was the first one ready to put myself up. He and I had been practicing a particular knot lately, so I was using that for my ties. The suspension being taught was just three single column ties, and each separately up to the ring. Not terribly comfortable, depending on where you put the torso tie, but that’s why the teacher suggested a corset. Interesting possibilities and a whole lot of flexibility with that tie, just have to make it work for your own body.

Stray thoughts floating around my head tonight – monsters, nuzzles, and busy times ahead.

We talked a bit about his monster this week, how long it had been since I’ve seen it, what it looked like, that I miss it, but it’s safer this way. I don’t always want to be safe, though, it’s a hard line to walk.  And an odd Christmas Eve discussion. Still processing.

Nuzzles are nice. I sent out bonfire envy and got back nuzzles in return, I’m such a sucker for written words, made me happy murmur even without the actual nuzzles.

We had Fet Night last week, we’ve got Porters Friday, Fet night next week, and then DeCon in a couple more weeks. Also hoping to start sorting out visits to the north soon.

2015 is going to be a great year of moving forward and upward. 🙂


Grad School Exhaustion

October 2nd, 2014

Just over a year left in my grad school career. Sorry about missing last week… again. Everything is just so crazy that I can hardly brain outside of homework. But I’m trying. A busy month coming up, as well. Play party next weekend, planning to play with someone for the first time (first time with him, obviously). Our fet night the week after that. Then TRAUMA!!! Three nights in a row, gods help us. Which is also the final weekend of one of my classes. So, Hopefully, I’ll have good post fodder this month, and then less homework after.

Life is change, and we’re all learning to adjust and readjust as time goes by. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it at the time. I’m pushing out of my comfort zone here and there. Going after things that I want. So far, so good. I need to do it more. Have more conversations, ask more questions, seek that which I desire. One step at a time, I tell myself, but perhaps I’m still being just a little bit Too Cautious. It is my nature.

Looking forward to December and my winter break. I’ve got lots of relaxing to do. 😉 And maybe some personal projects will get some attention. But I think relaxing comes first.



Late Posting Pt. 1

October 20th, 2012

Sorry about the late post this week. Work is killing me with these full time hours, grateful, but so very tired. Friday night started the Halloween line up of kinky events. We had a belly dance class and our usual play party. He was feeling ill, but still managed to zap and dragon tail us quite thoroughly, as well as the other two scenes he planned on. We ended the event in a giant cuddle pile of awesome. I might have even fallen asleep on his chest a little bit. My new dress was all shiny and red, and sometime in the near future, the awesome seamstress lady will make me one that fits better. I handed out tons of Trauma fliers to everyone there. And he, the engineer and I had a good cuddle sleep together and a very nice morning.

Today there is a wedding and then two parties. Trauma is this coming week, two nights of insanity with the general public in outrageous costumes. There’s a Halloween party the next night, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. The following week we are back at the club again for a party on Halloween, and then another party that Saturday, too. My parents are visiting some time in November, I should really sort out when. I’m guessing Turkey Day weekend. Oh, and Modern Dungeon Quarterly’s fourth issue, featuring COPE and AIS Kink Labs, comes out November 1st. So, that’s my life right now, but what do I want to write about?

Have I mentioned how much I love Fearless Press? So many good articles on relationships, sex, kink and spirituality. You should totally go there and read through the current selection. I think my thoughtful post will be about labels and active D/s, but right now I have to get showered and dressed for the aforementioned wedding.


Day Eighteen – Pet Peeves

January 18th, 2011

Any kinky/BDSM pet peeves? If so, what are they?

Intrusions on scenes at public play parties.

My 30 Days of Kink


Holiday Storm

December 4th, 2010

The holiday season is full upon us, with all the busy that it entails. Family gatherings, play parties, work parties, club parties. Presents, buying, giving, donating, shopping,wrapping, mailing cooking, decorating, planning. Everyone is running at full tilt, and the weather is crashing down around us, trying to remind us to slow down and enjoy the season.
What am I looking forward to the most this holiday season? A play party? The big party at the club? Sexy lingerie? Thigh high boots? No, this year, I’m looking forward to quiet time with my loved ones. A weekend off from the club and work to spend with Hubby. A day with no parties, no responsibilities, and no drama. We’ll have a nice dinner together and see a movie, then come home and just relax for an entire evening. The Little One is coming by for that last, the holidays are no time to be alone, so she will join in on our quiet time. I imagine irreverent movies will be the order of the evening, while snuggling all together on the big fluffy couch. There is not much family time to be had lately, with all the events and scheduling and plans and work, but on Christmas, we get to stop and just be together for a day.
I was looking back at my holiday post from last year. I did an “All I Want For Christmas” post, with a wish list of things. A few of which I purchased over the last year, but most of which remain pipe dreams. At least they are still in the pipe, though, I have not given up on them. Most of my thoughts this year run towards clothes, when they get away from fixing my computers. Thigh-high boots, thigh-high stockings, sexy-but-warmer club wear, shiny PVC skirts and shirts, and winter day-wear skirts are topping my list. Money’s tight, and I still have not figured out how it will be divided up, but I think at least one skirt will find its way under our non-existent tree this year.
It looks like Daily Flashes of Erotica Quarterly #1 is still available for Christmas purchasing. I hear Amazon delivers quickly and am still waiting on my own copies from the publisher.
What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Mistletoe kisses? Wrapped and delivered submissives? Or that New Year’s kiss from that special someone?