COPE is Coming!

August 28th, 2014

Two weeks and a day until COPE! Looking forward to a great weekend. There are lots of awesome presenters, and so many great people going to be there, and let’s not forget the vendors with their pretty new toys. 🙂 And inch-worm races!!! Haven’t planned any outside-the polycule-scenes, but there are plans to sit down and chat with a couple people about future scenes. Just playing it by ear what with all the busy. Planning on wearing the outfit I made for him earlier this year, that he was too busy to enjoy at the time, probably on Saturday. Friday night… well, the theme is office fetish… Not sure What I’m going to do with that one… ah the fun of being a girl.

Not much else going on right now in my world. Hearing great news from around the globe, though. As good friends sort things out and new members are added to other polycules. I’m just getting through the first couple weeks of the new semester and snuggling with pets. And fighting a cold that had better be gone within a week.

So This Girl is pretty awesome.

And this video surprised me, not because I was surprised by mine, but because People do really strange things for “beauty”