Modern Dungeon Quarterly Issue Four Available Now

November 1st, 2012

The cover is finished. The edits are in. The PDF is uploaded. The index is posted. Are you ready for the best Modern Dungeon Quarterly issue yet?

Featuring AIS Kink Labs and the AIS Mobile Dungeon. We have an article from Victor Pringle on his very best Bondage Chair. Perverted Imp, Mechanica and Daydreamweaver all return with articles to help make your dungeon the best place to play in town.

Modern Dungeon Quarterly Issue 4

Modern Dungeon Quarterly: Modern Dungeon Quarterly Issue 4

Issue Four of Modern Dungeon Quarterly, featuring AIS Kink Labs and Mobile Dungeon.

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Late Posting Pt. 1

October 20th, 2012

Sorry about the late post this week. Work is killing me with these full time hours, grateful, but so very tired. Friday night started the Halloween line up of kinky events. We had a belly dance class and our usual play party. He was feeling ill, but still managed to zap and dragon tail us quite thoroughly, as well as the other two scenes he planned on. We ended the event in a giant cuddle pile of awesome. I might have even fallen asleep on his chest a little bit. My new dress was all shiny and red, and sometime in the near future, the awesome seamstress lady will make me one that fits better. I handed out tons of Trauma fliers to everyone there. And he, the engineer and I had a good cuddle sleep together and a very nice morning.

Today there is a wedding and then two parties. Trauma is this coming week, two nights of insanity with the general public in outrageous costumes. There’s a Halloween party the next night, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. The following week we are back at the club again for a party on Halloween, and then another party that Saturday, too. My parents are visiting some time in November, I should really sort out when. I’m guessing Turkey Day weekend. Oh, and Modern Dungeon Quarterly’s fourth issue, featuring COPE and AIS Kink Labs, comes out November 1st. So, that’s my life right now, but what do I want to write about?

Have I mentioned how much I love Fearless Press? So many good articles on relationships, sex, kink and spirituality. You should totally go there and read through the current selection. I think my thoughtful post will be about labels and active D/s, but right now I have to get showered and dressed for the aforementioned wedding.


Writing, Publishing & Family

May 3rd, 2012

Some days I find it harder to write my normal, family friendly blog than others. I don’t have anything to say or I don’t have anything I can say that my parents can read. Lately, this is more of a problem as I want to post about all the work I’m doing, and the projects I have going. I want my family to be proud of me, but I know they would not understand.

Issue 2 of Modern Dungeon Quarterly came out on Tuesday. Ready to be bought at HP MagCloud. I posted the first two articles yesterday as well: Metal Bondage Safety and Spanking Benches. This has taken up a lot of my time, writing articles, interviewing and working with the photographer, editing and then working with toy on layout and my best friend on cover design. I’m really proud of what we’re creating. I want it to grow and become amazing. But even then, I cannot share it with my family. Not if I want to see my nieces and nephew.

I’m also working on another project. I’ve gathered up all the stories and scenes I’ve posted here, and printed them out and proofed them. I want to create little ebooks of my stories. I’m hoping you, my readers are interested in them, too. But when my parents ask what I’m writing lately, all I can tell them is that I blog. I was published in four flash fiction collections, but they only know about one.

My mom bought me some skirts last year, but she has no idea why I started wearing them. Or how often I wear them. They don’t know what I do every weekend. They know I have friends that care for me, but hardly any of their names. They don’t even know about all the love that is in my life, nor the troubles. This is hard, too. I have no support from them because they don’t know it is wanted or needed. I’ve never really talked to them about my love life, but sometimes it’d be nice to not have to censor myself.

This post feels a lot more whiny and complaining than I wanted it to be. A friend posted about her father tripping up her world view and it got my head diving down a bad direction, I guess. Let’s see if I can make a U-Turn.


I’m really excited about the various projects I’m working on.

Modern Dungeon Quarterly’s second issue is out. I have articles about all kinds of fun things; from spanking benches to paddles, from metal bondage to music. Hubby, toy and the engineer all wrote articles for me this time, so that was pretty cool. The photographer took lots of great pictures of the dungeon and I had a great time interviewing the owner.

I’m putting together my stories from this blog, organizing them by topic, so I can make little ebooks. How many stories do you think should be in each? At least one, non-blogged story per book? Is anybody even interested in such a thing? I think it’d be fun to have. Maybe even do on big anthology with everything, available in print as well as ebook? Thoughts? Suggestions? Pre-Orders? 😉

I’m wondering about getting a table at COPE, to sell the, by then, three issues of MDQ I’ll have, and maybe print out some of the ebooks and the anthology as well. I’ll hopefully be profiling the AIS dungeon and AIS Kink Labs at the event anyway. So much to think about. 🙂 I haven’t even found my third dungeon yet.

I wish I was going to ShibariCon. That would be an awesome event to attend, maybe even have people I could interview and a dungeon I could do pictures of. Alas, this year’s expensive convention is WorldCon(awesome in its own right). Maybe next year. 🙂

There, that’s much better. 🙂


Release & Creativity

March 29th, 2012

He flogged me to tears last night. The kind of tears that don’t stop when the floggers do. He pushed me hard and fast. Against the wall, into the wall, and through to release. My arms hurt from holding my palms to the brick, my back stung from his strikes. I fought the urge to fall – he would stop. I fought the urge to give in – I wasn’t there yet. I took strength from the wall against my palms, my chest, my forehead. Cool and solid. I screamed, I groaned, I swore and then I cried. He pulled me off the wall and squeezed me tight. Not quite done, he tossed me into toy’s lap to finish. So much better afterward. I giggled as a silly song came on, and sat back up. A chunk of pent up stress removed from my body by his floggers. So grateful.

I’m going to a house party this weekend. It feels like it’s been ages since I last did that. This will be different though. Going alone, not going to play with anyone. Though I might wear my straightjacket for a while. I thought I might figure out someone to play with, or at least someone to tie me up and let me go. But I think that if I still want that, the straightjacket will suffice. Last night really did help quite a bit.

The reason I’m actually going to the party instead of the club is MDQ. It’s the dungeon for the next issue of Modern Dungeon Quarterly. I’ll be interviewing the owner, and taking lots of pictures beforehand. Then getting to see first hand how much folks enjoy the dungeon. Might even take a few quotes from the guests. I can see it now, voice recorder in the crook of one restrained elbow, business cards in the other. You might have to tune in over at MDQ next week to find out how that goes.

Publishing the magazine has really got me motivated to write and publish more. I’m thinking of making up little ebooks of erotica. Using the stories I’ve posted here (what’s Your favorite?), as well as creating new ones for each ebook. Themed and all. After all, an erotic blogger from the UK has fast become the most wanted author here in the Midwest and got picked up by Random House. If only I were that good at social networking. 😉 Anyone have tips?


Modern Dungeon Quarterly Now Available

February 8th, 2012

Finally defeated the governmental red tape and got my vendor’s license today.

Modern Dungeon Quarterly Issue 1

Modern Dungeon Quarterly: Modern Dungeon Quarterly Issue 1

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Best Laid Plans

February 2nd, 2012

And these weren’t even well laid plans, more like hastily cobbled excitement.

I’m still waiting on my vendor’s license from the state of Ohio, and still fighting with PDF files for that matter(thank you toy), so my projected release date of February 1st has come and gone with no print magazine. I have started posting the articles online. Safety First: First Aid Kits is up for public reading and the St Andrew’s Cross article is up for members only viewing. It is free to sign up, just a name and an email address required. I’m not using this information for email marketing, so no worries there. Though I do wish it would notify members of new posts. (Is there a plugin for that?) Five of the articles will be open and public, three of them will be members only, this time around. I’m testing to see if people are willing to sign up for extra content. Hopefully the government will get in gear soon, and I’ll have the print edition available, too.

I’m trying to sort out my next featured dungeon. The one I hoped for isn’t available in time, the same with most of the others I know about nearby. There is one in Michigan I’m thinking about, but if anyone knows of a public dungeon (permanent or temporary) that I could feature in the Spring issue (photos and interview done by early April), please drop me a line.

So, it has become more of a soft release, because I’m not going all out on advertising until I have the full product available. In theory, the next issue will go smoother, with three months to do it in instead of one. I am really enjoying this project. I hope other people get value from it, too.


Preparation & Gratitude Day 12

January 12th, 2012

This week I am preparing for two things. First, DeConpression. The adult relaxicon being held this weekend. I am part of the group that will be providing the alcohol and hosting the Saturday night party. The stage crew is also putting on some panels at the con. So, I’ve been helping get things a little bit organized for both groups, as well as getting myself ready to go. Tonight is load in, and tomorrow we set up and then have a good weekend.

The second thing is the inaugural issue of Modern Dungeon Quarterly. He put the idea in my head many weeks ago, and over the past month it has taken root and blossomed. I have mapped out the different sections of the magazine, found a POD vendor, bought the webdomain, set up a twitter account, lined up a photographer, and have at least one friend willing to edit with me.

The last two weeks have been spent writing the articles for the first issue. A featured dungeon, and the creator of its furniture, a featured furniture piece, an article on soundproofing, one on first aid kits, another on lighting, one on slippery floors and one on floggers. I’m not an expert, but I am a writer. So, I found experts, and discussion groups, and friends and gathered information to write the best articles I can. Last night, my photographer and I took pictures of the featured dungeon to finish out the main content of the first issue.

The next steps are getting the articles edited, populating the website and putting the magazine together. My goal is to have it on Sale by February 1st. I plan to order stock myself for local sales, and have it online for individual purchase, as well.

@PassionandSoul asked if I was going to be accepting outside submissions or writing all the content myself. I have articles planned for the first four issues, but some of that plan involves toy helping me out. I replied that eventually, I’ll be taking outside submissions. I just have to figure out how well things are going and what I can reasonably offer to writers. Writing it all myself is a big job, and I’m sure there are people out there who could really add to this projecct.

I am really excited about this project and as soon as I get my vendor’s license, I’ll be sorting out pre-orders.

I am grateful for:

1) Tight fingers in my hair

2) A lap to lay my head in

3) Sharp knives

4) Leatherman multitools

5) Community