December is Here Again

December 5th, 2015

Christmas wish list is pretty simple this year – I want a job that provides health insurance, and enough stability that I can do the things I want to in the new year. 😉  (This includes moving to a new apartment, what the Hell IS that noise, now? Or maybe just bribe some of my neighbors to move…)  Of course I updated my Amazon list, but it’s just books and movies and kitchen gear. Nothing special there.

Not quite a week into December, it’s gotten cold, but the snow’s holding off here. Still a fair chance at a white Christmas. This month’s a bit quieter, less events and everyone enjoying the holidays and waiting for the turn of the year.

(Seriously, what are they Doing around here today? A saw? A grinder? Are they torturing animals?)

On the holiday giving front, not a lot of money to go around, so I’m working on creativity instead. Plans and thoughts that I hope make it out of my head intact.

Cutting my hair freaked me out more than I expected. He’s teasing me about it, of course – “I’ll speak to you again eventually” “I can’t date you anymore” etc. It took me about 30 photos to get two I liked. My hair was something I really liked about my appearance, despite my arguments with it. Vanity thy name is girl. With all my physical issues, my hair was something I could control, something that didn’t hurt me, something I was happy with.

But it wasn’t professional, so it had to go. If you want to land a job, you have to look like a professional. Well, it’s shorter now, less ragged looking. I guess that’s professional.  It’s just hair, I tell myself, it’ll grow back after you land your dream job. Just relax. I could so use a hot tub right now.


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