July Already

July 6th, 2015

Learning web design, HTML5, and CSS, and I still don’t know how to make my embedded videos stay in my blog post window. Ah well, I didn’t design this theme. I’ll figure it out eventually. Less than a month left of summer session, it’s mostly the final projects now. A website and a digital library. Digital Library software is strange, but we work with what he have, eh? Until we design something of our own, anyway.

I posted political stuff on my “family” blog last week, none of my family have commented yet. Maybe they just ignored it all, who knows.

Rope intensive plans for this week got squashed, but we still have the one in August. Though that’s the one we’re running, so a bit more work, and a bit less play. Should still be pretty cool. Hope everyone has a good time this weekend, I’ll be having a different type of good time up north. A relaxed weekend before the events next week.

So, what’s new? He’s got a new single tail. It’s a bit crazy long, but he’s learning the muscle movements for different strikes, and improving his aim every time he uses it. I’m mostly healed up from being practice dummy. So happy he’s finally got one of his own. 🙂


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