High Point Flying

February 19th, 2015

He did it! He found the space. Got the permission. Organized the people. Hosted the event. We have a new high-point rigging space! Sixteen foot high I-Beams to swing full out on!

In total, we had 23 rigging points this past weekend. 22 of them were attached 16 feet above the floor. And 2 of them were full-out swing points with beam clamps, tow straps and all. It was Awesome!

He was teaching the drum tie, not my favorite, but I didn’t care. I was going to get to FLY. We had a very small class, having emphasized that people need to know what they’re doing. The beginner and beginner/intermediate classes had a lot of people brushing up on the basics. He taught, I helped, pointing things out, helping as best I could.

And then it was time to fly. We used a loop instead of carabiner, much more comfortable, but put me lower than usual, no problem though, plenty of height to use. And then I was swinging. Higher and higher.

Our spirits soared as he pushed me to the sky. Grinning and laughing and running. I was flying! There were exclamations from the watchers, but I barely heard them. He pushed me again, higher, jumping into the air. I arched my body, pushing myself even further. Oh, how I missed this.

He slowed me to a stop and helped me sit up, take the pressure off my head. Show the riggers the dangers of sitting. But the rig is so tight on me, it doesn’t move an inch. Lets me swing a little, and then back down.

Are you done? No, one more push, please.

And he does. One last flight through the air. Smiles so wide, glee filling us.

I reach out to him, and he brings me down. Back to earth, back to ground.

Thank you.

Until next time.


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