Time to Fly

November 3rd, 2014

“If you want to go up Be here asap”

Two nights of Trauma, and one more to go. We’ve done over 250 scenes, we’ll do another 240 that night. And now he’s gotten access to the hight point. I scramble to get ready, my house guest is happy to drive me over. It has been so long since we’ve had a high point.

I arrive, to catch a few glimpses of the video taken of the engineer going up just moments before. Someone else has taken the stage, practicing for the night. I might not get to go. He unties her. I strip down, worried, by trying to hold on to hope.

He checks in with the guy in charge of the rig. No problem, just let him know. He starts tying me, and another group takes the stage. We’re running out of time. He’s apologizing, but still tying. They run their performance a couple times and then the stage is free.

He takes me up and I lie down under the point. Waiting as he goes to find the rigger. Still waiting. I look up and he is coming towards me, shaking his head. Can’t find him. Is he outside? He goes, tries again. Nothing. Gone, his camera is gone.

Disappointment threatens, but then he appears from the back. Relief. Something is wrong with a piece of the rig. I put my head down, waiting, hoping they’ll fix it or use the other one. They figure it out, and he joins me back on the stage.

“You okay, you sound emotional?”

I’m okay. I get to fly. Nerves running up and down, exhausted, of couse I’m emotional. He ties me in, and lifts me up. Way up. Gotta love pulleys. The rig feels good. A few false starts, but he tied it beautifully. Back down to a reachable height and locks it off. Time to fly.

He pushes me into the sky. I am free and flying. Wind rushing through my hair, ropes biting into my chest, hips, and thighs. It is glorious. Pushes me higher and higher. Oh, how I have missed this feeling. Nothing else matters in these moments, but him and me and the rope.

Now I am spinning, head curled in, focus on my belly. I haven’t forgotten the lessons, no matter how long it has been. And then he stops me short. Oh my, that still sucks. Offers to spin me the other way to unwind. No, no. Just one more big push and I’m done.

Flying high, enjoying the last taste of freedom. And then she is there, holding me steady while he lowers me down. He lets my lie as he unties, breathing heavily, all smiles. Thank you. Up to my knees for the hip harness. And then sit to bundle the rope. We have to go, get ready for the night. A big hug, kiss, and more thank yous. It was wonderful to fly again.


Trauma was pretty awesome, too. Nearly 500 scenes, and that was only cupping, electric, and corporal. We sent the rope all upstairs. We feared we would not have enough crew, cancels and three nights running. But we made it, even finished all our lists each night. Got to see some great performances. Dinner out with the family after Friday and Saturday. I had almost all good scenes with happy and reactive people. Even the skeptics were fun. Exhaustion ran rampant, but the energy of the event kept us going. I stress out about it every year, but this time, I’m happier afterwards than any other year. And not just because I got to fly. 🙂


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