Summer Love

June 26th, 2014

It’s Thursday again. Last week this time, I was just back to my friends’ flat after a visit to Stonehenge. Which was awesome. My whole trip was pretty fantastic, and now I’m home again, recovering from airplane crud. So, before I lose myself back into video games, I thought I’d sit down and write you a post, dear readers. Not sure about what, nothing kinky happened in England. I met a fair number of gamers at the pub and they talked about LARP all evening, which was fun, even if I was fairly lost most of the time. But that’s alright, they were enthusiastic and excited about their plotting, so I was entertained.

Settling down into summer – which means shorter skirts without being cold. That’ll be nice while it lasts. We’re back to our regular routine, now. Two Fridays a month, with the odd party thrown in if we’re up for it. It’ll be nice to settle back in for a few months before the busy times come again this fall. But of course, life can’t be all tranquil and settled. The engineer is moving next month, so schedules will be rearranged again to support them getting time together. Could be tricky at first, but it’ll sort out soon enough.

It was an interesting visit to England, on a poly-front. My best friend is poly with a grade-school aged child. While the two parents do most of the parenting, everyone helps keep an eye on him, and most of their parents, and all of their friends, know about their relationships. While I know quite a few people here who are completely open about their lifestyle, it is not something I feel I could do. They had some convincing to do with some of the more conservative of their parents, but the ones who were most concerned just had to meet the kid, to see he was well-adjusted, well-behaved, and not being harmed in the least by the uncommon relationship model, to accept it fully. Was quite nice to hear about.

And in the news, more and more anti-gay marriage laws being struck down by the courts, amidst many summer Pride celebrations. 🙂


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