December Already?

December 7th, 2013

My brain is fully of ramblings, and none of it is very sexy. Just finished my semester homework on Thursday, and then watched Netflix all night Friday. Tonight is football with the polycule, but I figured I should post Something. Why do people think guns prevent crime? ::Shakes head:: Not a debate for this blog, but oh well. Christmas season is starting out well, we’ve had a few busy days, some nice sales. I do most of my shopping tomorrow night for family. Gotta figure out what I’m getting myself. Shoes and a massage at the very least, possibly a new outfit for the club. My neck has a pinched nerve or something today, driving me crazy. A friend got me Phantom at Albert Hall, which, if you haven’t seen the encore, you really need to. She also got me Firefly, because she is awesome.

Party in two weeks with bondage for pony play class, should be fun, if it isn’t freezing. There is a party next week, too, but not sure if I’m going to that one or not. Feeling very much like reading through my stack of unread books, watching movies/tv, and working on my family tree project for the next month, and not a whole lot else. Silly cold weather making me want to hermit, not SAD or anything, it’s just really Cold out.  Need to get a library card on Monday for the nearby place, they have Dr Who available to borrow. Have not yet discovered if they have a scanner in the computer lab. Had a weird moment of “why does <insert fantasy here> turn me on, that’s kind of sick and twisted?” earlier today, but I got over it. It just does.

Um, yeah, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll try to be more coherent next week.


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