Late Posting Pt. 1

October 20th, 2012

Sorry about the late post this week. Work is killing me with these full time hours, grateful, but so very tired. Friday night started the Halloween line up of kinky events. We had a belly dance class and our usual play party. He was feeling ill, but still managed to zap and dragon tail us quite thoroughly, as well as the other two scenes he planned on. We ended the event in a giant cuddle pile of awesome. I might have even fallen asleep on his chest a little bit. My new dress was all shiny and red, and sometime in the near future, the awesome seamstress lady will make me one that fits better. I handed out tons of Trauma fliers to everyone there. And he, the engineer and I had a good cuddle sleep together and a very nice morning.

Today there is a wedding and then two parties. Trauma is this coming week, two nights of insanity with the general public in outrageous costumes. There’s a Halloween party the next night, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. The following week we are back at the club again for a party on Halloween, and then another party that Saturday, too. My parents are visiting some time in November, I should really sort out when. I’m guessing Turkey Day weekend. Oh, and Modern Dungeon Quarterly’s fourth issue, featuring COPE and AIS Kink Labs, comes out November 1st. So, that’s my life right now, but what do I want to write about?

Have I mentioned how much I love Fearless Press? So many good articles on relationships, sex, kink and spirituality. You should totally go there and read through the current selection. I think my thoughtful post will be about labels and active D/s, but right now I have to get showered and dressed for the aforementioned wedding.


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