Dragon Tails

April 5th, 2012

Last night he was run down when he got to practice. We snuggled and hugged and he pinched a bit a little. Someone nearby doing a suspension caught his attention, and he was handed the big dragon tail to show his aim. Cracked him once and then turned on us. They were both out in the open, toy on the floor and the engineer sitting on a spanking bench. I was behind her, laying across the other end of the bench, hemmed in by another bench and the stocks. Not safe, but a more challenging target.

He took up that challenge, hitting my arm, my thigh, my calf. I screamed along with the rest of them swearing and sliding off the bench a few times. Moving to stand between the bench and stocks so I’d be more stable. He took up the new target of my nipples, having already found theirs repeatedly.

He was bouncing and smiling and happy. Hearing our screams, practicing his already very good aim. It energized him to play like that. To give us all something we wanted, with a toy he really enjoys that all of us have to submit to. The dragon tail is not one we eagerly ask for, but it is one we can enjoy, for him.

After a while, he gets the engineer to turn around and the toy as well, offering him their backs and asses. There’s not another bench for me, so I slip between them, watching their faces and enjoying their screams, while I twitch and the sharp snaps and watch him fill of joy. They scream and cry and crumble, until he is done. Then he pulls us all into a hug, to cycle the love and energy all around.

The three of us girls decided he really should not have one of his own – dear gods they hurt. And that he really should have one of his own – it makes such good scenes. My preference would be a signal whip, I really miss that, but the dragon tail has its own place with fear and pain and fun. I’d love for him to have both.


Now, I didn’t get hit much last night, enough for a few nice marks, not nearly as much as the other two. But I’ve had a lot of experience with it over the last couple years. And I wanted to share with you, my experiences with it:

November 12, 2009

I was asked last night, why do I let him do certain things to me. Aside from the obvious, because I like those things, because I do not always “Like” the particular thing (Dragon’s Tails, for instance) though I like the result, I answered because it makes him Happy. The smile on his face, the joy in his eyes, the glow of happiness that radiates off of him in waves.

 November 12, 2009

Previously Hard Limits that have been pushed to Soft Limits

Dragon Tails

 May 13, 2010


Dragon tail. Scream. He moves around the table, snapping thighs, belly, breasts. My arms are still up around my head. I flatten out, but rock with each snap. Grabbing at the table for a moment before falling flat again. Legs curling up and back down. Tears come, filling the blindfold.

Toes up!

I straighten my legs, feet out, whimpering, crying. Screaming as he snaps the sole of my foot, curling up and forcing myself to flatten out. Shaking, crying, screaming, writhing.

A different sensation. Slapping my belly and thighs. The screaming stops, I sink into the more solid continuous pain, coming out for a vibrating yell.

More snapping, screaming, crying and then…

Stand up. Move it.

On my feet, blood rushing out of my head.

On your knees.

Down I go, back up, head down, knees spread, palms up. He circles snapping thighs, arms, breasts, long strokes on my back. I arch and squeal, and return to position. Head throbbing, but slowly calming.

May 27, 2010

Last night, I asked him to flog me. I wanted some stress relief from the week to purge and prepare me for the convention we are attending this weekend. He started with the thin tailed rubber flogs, moved on to a dragon tail, Uncle, a quirt, slapping, smacking, punching, drumming, caning, an electric flyswatter and a taser. He took me into object space and attacked me mentally as well. I was in tears nearly the entire scene. It was wonderful and painful and incredible and brutal.

When he was done, when he had broken me down to the single thought of “maintain the position,” he picked me up and carried me to the bed. He took care of me with a blanket and two women to stroke me. He left me in object space for a while, before he asked for his girlfriend back, and I served and took care of our things. Afterward, we talked about the scene on the drive home.

One year ago, I would not have taken half the beating, and probably none of the electricity. One year ago, I would be a tired, worn out, droppy mess today. But as I write this, I am about to head to a hotel for a weekend long convention and I am feeling great.

 July 8, 2010

He used his hands, the heavy flogs, the really big deerskin flog(mmm… oh how I’ve missed that one), some slappers and paddles and a cane, the dragon tail, the stun gun and the electric fly swatter and a leather strap – on my back, my ass, my legs, my breasts, my feet, my arms, my crotch. It was a heavy scene, but not a full throttle flogging. He let me react to the hits – scream, jerk, fall, twitch – however I wanted to. He waited for me to return to position. I love that, I love holding myself on the cross, and getting back up to offer my body to him again and again.

 January 1, 2011

It means single tails and dragon tails and stun guns and violet wands.

 June 2, 2011

Intense Sensation – Over the knee spanking, bare asses spanking, slaps, flogging, dragon tails, single tails, paddles, cricket bats, canes, wicked sticks, violet wands, TENs Units, stun guns, stingers, flyswatters, biting, pinches, pokes, pressure points, forceps, nipple clamps, Leatherman tool, clothes pins, fire, fear.

June 16, 2011

He, toy and I played a bit. Seeing if I could keep a rubber mallet type thing going on her ass while he smacked us both with various things. Dragon tails kissing our flesh as we squealed. An electric flyswatter that had us whimpering before he even got near. A wicked stick. A paddle. Even the cricket bat that I immediately knelt up to receive. Then the order to snuggle while he had a conversation elsewhere.

 July 7, 2011

Had a good time at practice, and learned a few lessons. Let me share them with you.


  1. The correct answer to “Do you think I can hit your nose with this Dragon Tail?” is “Yes, I do, but please don’t.” instead of nodding and standing very still, hoping he’ll just snap it in front of you a few times.
  2. Dragon Tail strikes to the mouth a) hurt like hell, b) are scary, and c) leave the area feeling indented. The first two made me cry instantly, the third was a very odd sensation.

September 30, 2011

The clothespin zippers being replaced by a dragontail or single tail. The crack makes me twitch even when it’s used on someone else.

 November 10, 2011

I got to be a demo bottom for a very long flogging lesson, spiced up with a dragon tail and a couple big plastic clamps.


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