Do It

April 29th, 2010

Lift up your chin. Look in his eyes.
Speak clearly what’s on your mind.
To him.

Shut off the chatter. Keep your mind focused.
Doubt and fear have no place here.
With him.

Happiness is everywhere. Open your eyes.
Imperfections only make it sweeter.
See him.

Serve him. Honor him.
Learn and grow. Do your best.
For him.

Poetry has never been my strong suit, but sometimes, things spill out of my head, and sometimes, I have to just let them. My lesson this week is Doing. I think too much. I over analyze. I let fear and doubt not just creep in, but overwhelm me. So, I am working on doing for him, with no more thought than required. Doing without hesitating, without waiting. Doing is always better than not doing, acting is better than inaction. Trying is better than standing still and silent. So, I’m going to post this, and then there are things I have to Do.

Until next week, readers, I leave you with the fortune cookie I had taped to my computer monitor at college: Don’t be afraid to take that big step. And a Nike commercial: Just Do It.


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