May 29th, 2009

Fear play. Clothespins mean fear to me. A straitjacket and nipple clamps mean fear to me. Combining these with abandonment scenes means fear to me.

I have heard people wonder if fear scenes are less effective if you know and trust the person running the scene. I would not want to do such a scene with someone I did not know and trust deeply. For me, they are the ones that can elicit the deepest fear because they know what I can take and how far they can push. I do not want a scene where I am afraid for life or limb, that turns to worry which ruins a scene for me. Fear of the unknown does not really work for me, new things generally make me curious and excited more than fearful – it is when I do it again that the fear kicks in. It is fear of the known – knowing how much it will hurt, knowing he will push further than the last time, that sets my pulse pounding and makes my breathing ragged.


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