Details, Details

November 26th, 2016

I didn’t write yesterday. Nor did I shop. Last year was my first Black Friday off in 14 years – I went to a convention. This year, I was back at work, but at the library, not in retail. There were a few deals I was interested in checking out. But, I kept to my promise to myself. No shopping yesterday. I like sales, and deals, and I get that my refraining does nothing to the day. But there are some things you do just for yourself. I stayed in, with a puppy, and Doctor Who, and WoW.

Today, I went and got a haircut from at a professional shop… first time since Boise. There it was ex-hubby’s relative’s shop. Since then, it’s been a friend here in town. But I’m too much of a procrastinator, and this one was time-sensitive. Trying something new, nothing huge, just moving the part to the side, trimmed the hair up to the chin-line and layered it a little bit. Not much room for layers in my thin hair. I also bought a song and an audio book from Amazon today. The song to benefit an Autism charity, and the book with my monthly credit.

I wrote a story once in college, with every tiny detail put down. The critiquers wondered if the person was OCD due to my exacting detail. I didn’t think it was that bad. I mention because of my random details above, and someone questioning an email I sent recently describing my weekend in detail. I just do that… sometimes? Most of the time? Details seem important to me. It’s how I try to write my scenes – with as much detail as I can remember. I lose time sense and order in scenes, but I do my best.

Now I’m really rambling. ::Laughs::

Details. It’s all in the details. As someone who overthinks – there are often too many details. I am detail-oriented. A good thing for a worker. But it can be bad when you’re analyzing people. Everyone makes mistakes. Misspeaks. Misspells. And none of us sees the world the same as anyone else. Just look at that silly dress that went around the net. Or ask any two people to describe a scene. We see things through, not just our eyes, but our experiences and our world-views.

I think that’s why I try to share as many details as I can. Why I am often oddly specific. I know others cannot see the world as I do, so I try to share what I see in as much detail as I can. (Random aside as TV, and therefore commercials are on: Zales has some horribly ugly, gaudy diamond rings.) I used to do this through pictures. I have albums and albums of pictures from my youth, to share with others. Now, more of than not, I use words instead.

I am trying to remind myself of that with all this writing. That, in order to share my world, my thoughts, I have to put them out there. I have to write, and post, and speak. I have to make it a habit again. I have a voice, and in this world, I cannot just sit back. I must use it.


So Close, I Can Taste It

August 13th, 2015

Finished my last final of my last Grad School class the other day. All I have left is my two internships this fall. So excited! And then I’ll be done, I’ll have a Masters of Library and Information Science, and hopefully, I’ll have a new job. Super excited about all this.

Also hopeful that I can get back to posting regularly again. Look, it’s Thursday and I’m posting!

I’ve added a new plugin to the site, as the old GVoice stopped working. Now, at the bottom of posts, you will see a button that you can press to have the post read aloud by the computer. If you really want to. It’s kinda amusing for a little bit. Note: this is not my voice, it’s just a fun tool, so it’ll probably get some words wrong.

As usual, everything happens at once, and life is insanely full of All the Things. Rope Intensive next weekend, full of parties and rope and things. And just a few weeks later, we’re already at COPE again. I haven’t even had time to think about it, let alone plan anything. I should really look and see what the theme reveal was.




August 15th, 2013

My voice is soft, and higher than I’d like to admit. I have to struggle to be heard. I have to repeat myself a lot. If I’m asked to read aloud or speak in front of a group, I blush and stammer. When I get stuck on a word, I snap my fingers to move my tongue forward. I’m not a stutterer, I’m just not used to talking. But I love to listen.

I’ve been writing poetry more often lately. Expressing myself is short, succinct lines. Boiling it all down until I’m left with bare bones. With the simplest, clearest version of my feelings. But it is poetry, so maybe it still doesn’t make sense to anyone but me. I’ve been listening to poets on YouTube lately. A gentle soul with OCD, who fell in love. A Canadian with a huge heart and a lot of pain. Their words, the rhythm of their delivery. It speaks to me.

I went to listen to and meet some big name fantasy authors last night, and they read aloud from their books. Giving their characters voices and expressions. Letting us hear how They think the characters sound. Doing the voices just like you would for your child. And we were all like children, looking up at them, smiling, laughing and begging for more. It was wonderful. To hear their passion in their words.

Music. I’ve always loved music. Listening to the words, the stories, the joys and the pains, set to instruments that move our bodies and our souls. I cannot imagine movies without music, the rising tempo that sets our hearts beating, the eerie music that holds us on edge, the heroic swells in battle. Music to scene to, to set the tempo of a beating, or the glide of your hand, to help you soar into the sky or down into your own body. Wherever you are, music helps set the mood.

I’ve thought about doing audio recordings of erotica from time to time. The Audio Erotica website appears to have disappeared at this point, though. And see above, my voice is rather soft and high. I know videos and pictures are popular, but did AE disappear because people just weren’t interested in audio books, or for other reasons? Smart ass just ran off giggling with the thought of the Siri voice reading erotica. Oh dear.

I like to listen, do you?