Only True in Fairy Tales

February 26th, 2010

I am discovering a level of submission within myself that I had only read or dreamed about before. I have, almost since the day I met him, had submissive inclinations and attitudes towards him. Over time, my other partners have even commented on it. I have found joy in serving him, and I follow his commands unquestioningly. Now, I am offering even more.

The phrase: If it please you, Sir, came to my lips just last week. Every day brings me closer to buying and bringing him needles(post to come), a lifelong phobia and hard limit. I am developing a personal daily practice of Tai Chi, and Yoga at his request. I am practicing a specific kneeling(post to come) position with a goal of 30 minutes. I am offering him more than I’ve offered anyone before, and it brings me joy.

It is a little scary, in the exciting sort of way, to find myself offering him a deeper submission. Learning to actively submit, modifying behaviors and being trained to do specifically for him. We have defined our relationship, and in doing so, we are taking it to another level. I am working to stay grounded while discovering a whole new reality of possibilities.