Lately, I Just Can’t… But I Must

August 19th, 2017

I can’t believe my country. I can’t believe the White House. I can’t believe this mess. But it’s real, it’s always been real. Life was never perfect, politics is always messy, racism never died, and discrimination was never defeated.

But the eight years previous to this one, I had hope. Hope that we were moving in the right direction. Hope that our leaders were getting a clue. Hope that we were working towards solutions. Hope that humanity would find humanity.

I know I live in an echo chamber, and that most of my friends have similar views and political leanings. And I wasn’t blind to the trouble and the violence, but it was still better than this. Better than a president who sides with Nazis, better than a president encouraging violence and foreign espionage, and better than a president who believes that science is false and people are not all equal under the law.

So, we fight. We fight our politicians, we fight each other, we fight our friends and family, we fight stupidity, we fight racism, we fight discrimination, and violence, and oppression.

But mostly, I fight to not lose hope. I fight to believe we can be better than this. I fight to keep going, to keep trying, to Listen, to help, to do whatever I can. I fight to believe I can do something, anything.

I’ve seen the posts, especially lately, with the Nazi fuckheads in Charlottesville, about if you’d ever wondered what you would have done had you been alive during Hitler’s reign, you’re doing it right now. And I’m glad to see all the resistance all around the country.

I’m a scifi/fantasy geek, so it was a meme on FB that caught my eye today and caused me to post:

“If you’ve ever said you’d fight in Dumbedore’s Army. If you’d follow the Mockingjay. If you’d fight the Empire. Now’s the time.”

I haven’t posted much this year, because this isn’t a political blog, and politics is mostly what’s on my mind, but we need allies in every corner these days.