August 4th, 2014

(Part 1)

His lips left hers, and she gasped hungrily, her hands reaching for him. He caught them in his, lifted them over her head and held them there. Kissing her again, pressing his body to hers. She sucked his tongue eagerly, hearing him moan and feeling him hardening against her. He grabbed her wrists in one hand, tighter, and his free hand dropped to a breast. He pinched her nipple, pulling on it, to elicit a moan from her, as well. Pinching harder as he pressed her against the bed.

Please, she whispered when he pulled back from the kiss.

Please what?

I want you, she tried to pull her hands from his grip.

Naughty girl. He tightened his grip, pressing her hands firmly against the wall above her. But I want you, too. His free hand slid down her belly, one finger teasing between her lips to rub her clit. And I get what I want. His mouth descended on her nipple, teeth replacing fingers, biting and sucking as she screamed with pain and pleasure.

Please! she begged between gasps.

Please what? he asked between bites.

May I?

Please do, and don’t stop. His teeth descended on the other nipple as his fingertips slipped lower, rubbing faster.

She writhed and screamed and moaned. Orgasming against his hand, arching into his teeth, forgetting all about her trapped hands as she let go and let pleasure break over her body. Again and again.


Please what?

Take me.

I thought you’d never ask…