Hate is the Mindkiller

November 11th, 2016

My Mom’s in town this weekend, going to sleep on my couch as I type this, so it’ll be short. We were at lunch, talking about the meeting she’s been attended week. The Rural Advocates of the United Methodist Church here in the Midwest. I asked her if they accomplished anything – mostly just finishing up the year’s paperwork and preparing for next year. So, nothing? She said they were mostly worried about the church splitting.

Splitting? Over the LGBT issue, she says. I posted about the General conference discussion of it a while back. She talked about how the two sides cannot “agree to disagree” on the issue. How her group did not have an issue with LGBT folks and were trying to work with them. How some parts of the church simply refuse. It’s going to come to a head, she says, in 2019, when the commission reports back.

I understand, I tell her, the desire to settle on “agreeing to disagree.” But, I say, Hate is just not okay. They don’t Hate them, she tries to tell me. Mom, I remember the “love the sinner, hate the sin” policy and I’m sorry, but “HATE” should not be anywhere in a church’s policies.

Hate is what is tearing this country apart. People fear religious zealots full of hate, but I tell you, it doesn’t take radicals or zealotry for hate to be in your religion or your church. It starts with all of us, standing up against hate, wherever we see it: in the street, on a bus, at a school. Even in church.


LGBT and Religion

May 14th, 2016

More Than 100 Methodist Ministers Defy Church Rules, Come Out As LGBT

When I was in High School, I started attending our Annual Conference meetings. We had a liberal bishop at the time, who liked to let the youth speak. I remember several of my friends standing up to speak on LGBT issues at the time, as the policies were changing from outright ignorance, to the only slightly less ignorant “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” which we all thought was not nearly far enough. Some Elders quoted the Old Testament, while the Youth stuck to Jesus’ teachings: Love God and Love your Neighbor.

As Trans issues are currently sweeping the nation, and Gay Marriage is finally becoming legal nation-wide, though still hotly debated in many regions, I understand that churches follow their own rules and their own guidelines. But I really do feel that it is high-time we put aside the bullshit and remember that we’re supposed to Love one another. If you listen to your Bible, only God can judge people.

My mom is at the conference mentioned in the article. Her “last time” she tells me. So, I emailed her to ask if any progress was going to be made. She replied that only time would tell. Later, she sent me an update on the proceedings. The part having to do with this issue was highly convoluted to someone on the outside (me), but it seemed to be along the lines of: One committee at the last conference put forth a proposal that LGBT issues should be brought up in a different way than other issues – through smaller committees, and with more consideration. This was tabled at the time, and this week, it was voted down. I haven’t seen anything come up yet on the Actual issue being discussed, but perhaps that will come in the next update. Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic.