December is Here Again

December 5th, 2015

Christmas wish list is pretty simple this year – I want a job that provides health insurance, and enough stability that I can do the things I want to in the new year. 😉  (This includes moving to a new apartment, what the Hell IS that noise, now? Or maybe just bribe some of my neighbors to move…)  Of course I updated my Amazon list, but it’s just books and movies and kitchen gear. Nothing special there.

Not quite a week into December, it’s gotten cold, but the snow’s holding off here. Still a fair chance at a white Christmas. This month’s a bit quieter, less events and everyone enjoying the holidays and waiting for the turn of the year.

(Seriously, what are they Doing around here today? A saw? A grinder? Are they torturing animals?)

On the holiday giving front, not a lot of money to go around, so I’m working on creativity instead. Plans and thoughts that I hope make it out of my head intact.

Cutting my hair freaked me out more than I expected. He’s teasing me about it, of course – “I’ll speak to you again eventually” “I can’t date you anymore” etc. It took me about 30 photos to get two I liked. My hair was something I really liked about my appearance, despite my arguments with it. Vanity thy name is girl. With all my physical issues, my hair was something I could control, something that didn’t hurt me, something I was happy with.

But it wasn’t professional, so it had to go. If you want to land a job, you have to look like a professional. Well, it’s shorter now, less ragged looking. I guess that’s professional.  It’s just hair, I tell myself, it’ll grow back after you land your dream job. Just relax. I could so use a hot tub right now.


December Already?

December 7th, 2013

My brain is fully of ramblings, and none of it is very sexy. Just finished my semester homework on Thursday, and then watched Netflix all night Friday. Tonight is football with the polycule, but I figured I should post Something. Why do people think guns prevent crime? ::Shakes head:: Not a debate for this blog, but oh well. Christmas season is starting out well, we’ve had a few busy days, some nice sales. I do most of my shopping tomorrow night for family. Gotta figure out what I’m getting myself. Shoes and a massage at the very least, possibly a new outfit for the club. My neck has a pinched nerve or something today, driving me crazy. A friend got me Phantom at Albert Hall, which, if you haven’t seen the encore, you really need to. She also got me Firefly, because she is awesome.

Party in two weeks with bondage for pony play class, should be fun, if it isn’t freezing. There is a party next week, too, but not sure if I’m going to that one or not. Feeling very much like reading through my stack of unread books, watching movies/tv, and working on my family tree project for the next month, and not a whole lot else. Silly cold weather making me want to hermit, not SAD or anything, it’s just really Cold out.  Need to get a library card on Monday for the nearby place, they have Dr Who available to borrow. Have not yet discovered if they have a scanner in the computer lab. Had a weird moment of “why does <insert fantasy here> turn me on, that’s kind of sick and twisted?” earlier today, but I got over it. It just does.

Um, yeah, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll try to be more coherent next week.


Christmas Crazies

December 21st, 2012

Sorry I’ve been so bad at posting lately. Holiday retail is taking its toll on me once again. 40 hours a week running and lifting and stocking is not being nice to my body or mind. I fell asleep last night at 5pm and didn’t get up until work this morning. And now I’m heading off to an End of the World Party through a snow storm. Great idea, eh? Ah well, work again tomorrow, too. So, while dinner is quickly boiling, how about a quick post?

Life is crazy as always, with the community currently focused on boundaries and leadership. I’ve tried to stay out of it all, except for my post earlier this month. My mom bought me a membership to a kinky convention for Christmas, but shhhh, don’t tell, she doesn’t know that. If my MIL sends me an Amazon giftcard, she might be buying me some new shinies, I haven’t fully decided yet.

Other than that, life is going along as usual. He and hubby and sundry are all doing fairly well, with the usual ups and downs with life, jobs and relationships. I’m probably going to make Modern Dungeon Quarterly an ezine as of January, with a site redesign and new submission guidelines. I don’t have the time, money and energy to keep the print going. I hope to be doing more webdesign work in the new year as well. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂  A little hard to get mainstream work when half the sites I’ve designed(or more) are kinky. I’ll also get back to regular posts again soon, promise. 😉


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

December 22nd, 2011

A silly little story for the holidays.

“Come here, young lady, sit on Santa’s lap.”

He didn’t look like any Santa she had ever seen before. Sure he was dressed in a fur-lined red hat, and black fur-lined boots, but that’s where the similarities stopped. He had on tight red leather pants and an unbuttoned red leather vest. And his short trimmed beard was far from white. Oh, his eyes twinkled with merriment, but his stomach certainly did not resemble jelly.

She walked forward slowly, chewing on her lower lip, eyes darting from the floor up to him and back down again. What was he playing at? She sat down on his knee, tugging belatedly on the hem of her very short red silk dress.

“There now, have you been a good little girl this year?”

“I…” She looked into his eyes, crinkling with laughter and made a decision. “I’ve been good at it.”

“Oh-ho-ho. Have you, now?”

“Yes.” She sat up straighter.

“Good at what, precisely, little girl?”

“At being naughty, Santa. Isn’t that why you’re here?” She grinned at him as he laughed again.

“Yes, yes it is. You’re right at the top of the naughty list, and I thought a personal visit might be in order.”

“I’m flattered. The top of the list, you say? Very flattered.” She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pressed herself against his chest.

“Yes, I’m sure you are.” He snaked one hand up her back and settled it on her neck. “But I haven’t come for a demonstration.” He spun her around and over the knee she had been sitting on, and lifted her skirt. “I didn’t think coal would quite get the message across this year.”

She squirmed and spluttered, but he held her fast with his left hand as his right lifted the back of her dress and then pulled down her black silk panties. The first smack sent shivers through her body and she yelped. He did not pause, but when straight to his work, spanking her harder and harder, til her yelps turned to moans and her moans turned to tears. She writhed in his lap, not daring to put her hands behind her, crying as her ass turned as red as his clothing.

“Oh, and I must not forget your present.” He paused and reached into the sack beside him, pulling out a wooden paddle. Engraved on one side was the word Naughty and on the other, Nice. “Just so you remember.”

He flipped the paddle so that Nice was facing her already bruise bottom and brought it down hard. She screamed and flailed, but he held her tightly and brought it down again, in exactly the same spot. Over and over, creating a purple outline of Nice in the reddened flesh. She slumped in his lap, sobbing but accepting as he took a couple more shots, just to make sure it would last. Then he let her slide to the floor, and kneel with her eyes on his boots.

After a few minutes, she collected herself and looked up at him. “Thank you, Santa.”

“You’re welcome, young lady. Now, which list will you be on next year?”

“With that paddle, Santa, I think I’ll try and make the top of Both lists.”

He laughed and scooped her up into a hug and a deep kiss.

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and whatever other holidays you may celebrate, may they be filled with love, laughter and kinkiness.


Holiday Storm

December 4th, 2010

The holiday season is full upon us, with all the busy that it entails. Family gatherings, play parties, work parties, club parties. Presents, buying, giving, donating, shopping,wrapping, mailing cooking, decorating, planning. Everyone is running at full tilt, and the weather is crashing down around us, trying to remind us to slow down and enjoy the season.
What am I looking forward to the most this holiday season? A play party? The big party at the club? Sexy lingerie? Thigh high boots? No, this year, I’m looking forward to quiet time with my loved ones. A weekend off from the club and work to spend with Hubby. A day with no parties, no responsibilities, and no drama. We’ll have a nice dinner together and see a movie, then come home and just relax for an entire evening. The Little One is coming by for that last, the holidays are no time to be alone, so she will join in on our quiet time. I imagine irreverent movies will be the order of the evening, while snuggling all together on the big fluffy couch. There is not much family time to be had lately, with all the events and scheduling and plans and work, but on Christmas, we get to stop and just be together for a day.
I was looking back at my holiday post from last year. I did an “All I Want For Christmas” post, with a wish list of things. A few of which I purchased over the last year, but most of which remain pipe dreams. At least they are still in the pipe, though, I have not given up on them. Most of my thoughts this year run towards clothes, when they get away from fixing my computers. Thigh-high boots, thigh-high stockings, sexy-but-warmer club wear, shiny PVC skirts and shirts, and winter day-wear skirts are topping my list. Money’s tight, and I still have not figured out how it will be divided up, but I think at least one skirt will find its way under our non-existent tree this year.
It looks like Daily Flashes of Erotica Quarterly #1 is still available for Christmas purchasing. I hear Amazon delivers quickly and am still waiting on my own copies from the publisher.
What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Mistletoe kisses? Wrapped and delivered submissives? Or that New Year’s kiss from that special someone?


Stress Free Service

November 18th, 2010

Life is hectic. People are busy and stressed and full of work and responsibility. The holidays bring on schedule changes and family gatherings and bigger loads at work as the year comes to a close. There is a often a lot of preparation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all the other holidays that fall this time of year. Dinners to plan and prepare, gifts to get, parties to plan and attend, even a convention or two. All this on top of an already busy schedule that was bursting at the seams. Add to that, if you will, new relationships, new jobs, job searches, and so many shiny distractions that a ferret would look like a Tasmanian devil trying to capture it all.

So, what’s a submissive to do? The wants and needs are all still there. He wants me to have a backbone, to ask for what I want or need. To speak up and communicate. I want to be as stress free as possible and not demand things he cannot provide. I want to let him know I still want things, want him, but I don’t want him to feel bad when we run out of time, or don’t have the space to follow through. Yes, I would like more follow through than we’ve had lately, but I understand that it takes work, time and patience to get what we want.

At the end of a long day, I don’t need him to summon extra energy to play with me when he’s exhausted. I don’t need him to suddenly let go of all the stress and focus solely on me. I would just like to serve him, quietly and without demands. Relieve some of the stress, in whatever small ways I can, which in turn, makes me feel better. Because, in the end, if we are less stressed, we’ll be able to make time and space for the other things we want to do.

My old editing job gave me my final payment today. I got myself the beginnings of my own bootblack kit. Just one of the stress free services I intend to offer him.

Only one more week to get a copy according to the publisher’s website: Daily Flashes of Erotica #1.