Bedtime Thoughts

November 30th, 2016

It’s bedtime, so of course, my brain has woken up. It started with – I haven’t written in a couple days because of Busy. Then it went to, it’s the end of the month. Then, what haven’t I written about from my initial list. Hard Limits and Cuckqueaning came to mind.

Cuckqueaning had come into my head when I first wrote that list, as I thought about revising my hard limits list. Cuckqueaning – the female version of cuckolding – for a woman’s partner to have sex with another woman. In the kink sense, this is often done with the full knowledge, and sometimes in front of the cuckqueaned partner, where that partner derives sexual pleasure from their partner’s relations with another.  For me, this isn’t just “not my thing,” it feels emotionally harmful to me. Not other people doing it for their own pleasure, but if a partner of mine was to do it to me, as a sadomasochistic thing.

This isn’t about my partners playing with other people, or my partners having other partners. There have been teasing “threats” in the past of sitting me on one side of the room (in various states), while a partner did sexual things on the other side of the room with someone else. It was usually laughed off, and never followed through with. A comment earlier this year, teasingly suggesting I find someone other than myself to sexually please a partner triggered extremely negative feelings. Other things were going on, and it was part of the “no time to deal with this now” phase I had myself in, so I let it go and pushed it away to deal with later. I think this is all hitting on my degradation hard limit. To me, this falls into that category of not good for me. Along with the “not ____ enough” bullshit my mind throws up with no outside help.

So, my Hard Limits are pretty simple these days, with him: Nothing that would likely end up with me in hospital or jail or morgue. No physical, emotional, mental, or financial Harm. With other people, I think my post from November 17th, 2013 is still pretty valid. Every now and then, I just find new things that fall under the currently listed categories.


What else haven’t I touched on? Whipping Post. Skin Time. Private Time. Art. I think I’ve touched on all the rest of the list, in one way or another. So, let’s take these, one at a time, to finish up the month. (There might be another post later today, depending on how things go.)

Whipping Post. He’s been practicing a lot with his whip lately – I mentioned this earlier this month. Trying out some new swings – one that’s really heavy. It reminds me of whipping post scenes from movies, like in Mockingjay. Obviously, he’s not taking my skin off – that’s a no-no around here, plus I can barely stand for the strikes as they are. I want to stand up to the strikes, but we’re generally out in the middle of a big empty room, nothing to brace against. Not to mention it is cold and I’m usually not terribly warmed up for that sort of thing when we’re doing it. But there’s an inkling of curiosity, morbid though it may be.

Skin Time. One of the things I really enjoy with my unlabeled partner(I really need to pick an alias of some sort) is skin time. Time to just be naked with one another. Our skin touching, fingertips brushing lightly, hands warming bare flesh. The feeling of us together, pressed close, sharing warmth and sensation fully. It is a completely different type of connection than just snuggling up fully clothed (also a nice thing to share). And it is more precious to me than I realized before I was without it for so long.

Private Time. In our busy lives, it is often hard to find private time with him. We have poly family nights, and we have practice/class nights, and we have club nights. Given our schedules and the relative locations of our homes and venues, we hardly ever ride to things together any more. Lately, though, his wife has had things to do early on our family nights, so we’ve had time to catch up before she gets home. But it’s always with the knowledge that her arrival, if not imminent, is still fairly soon.

I know, should I need to have a conversation, or some such, I can let him know, and time will be made. But the yearning is different than that, and too undefined for me to form a request. I miss having time for just us, but I haven’t the slightest idea where we could create it these days. Or what we would do with it, given everything. Once again, I’m back to the sentiments from my Asking post – figure out what I’m looking for, and remember to ask.

Art. Writing is my art. It is my passion. It is my way of putting little bits of my soul into the world. It creates happiness within me, and brings me peace. I have very much enjoyed getting so many thoughts down on “paper” and out into the world this month. Of locking my inner critic up, for the most part, and just letting myself speak my truths. At this point I’m crossing 9,500 words, not anywhere near the NaNo goal of 50K, but it has been good for me, and I hope to continue it forward. I hope you, dear readers, have enjoyed this month as much as I have.

Now, maybe my brain will let me go to sleep. 😉


Art or Porn?

May 9th, 2011

When does art become porn? And why do I react differently to those words? Porn has negative connotations to me. Porn is dirty, undignified, disgusting. It has no plot, no thought, no meaning. Art is a creative process. Art is done with thought and meaning, for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. Art is dignified and beautiful.

When I did photography before, I thought of it as art. When the photographer started talking about doing a pay site. Started talking about charging people to see the bondage photos. It became porn in my mind. It became something lower than the art I felt we had been creating.

I liked being a bondage model. The energy, the play, the fun. But a porn star? Have a bunch of creepy men perving my pictures after paying a fee? I didn’t want that. To be part of a photographer’s portfolio was one thing, but to be on a paid porn site is another.

Maybe I’m deluded, fooling myself. Maybe it’s all the same. Can’t blame a man for wanting to make a living at his passion. No, but I also don’t have to be part of it. The photographer has plenty of models and photos and contacts. He doesn’t have to put my pictures up. And he is completely willing to not do.

So, what’s the trouble with saying no? The photographer wants to put them up, and I am a pleaser. He says he wants a good variety when he first goes live and my pictures would help with that. I do like attention, and the pictures he has taken. What if he linked back to my blog, since he can’t actually pay me? (If my face didn’t show in any of the pictures. But in one set it does, I’ve got a big gag covering half my face, but I still can see me in them.) They say any publicity is good publicity. I don’t want to be a porn star, but what harm could a little publicity do? And that phrase right there makes me want to knock on every wooden surface in my home.



Complete Shibari: Land and Sky

May 6th, 2010

My mentor recently ordered Complete Shibari Land and Complete Shibari Sky by Douglas Kent. After looking at them, let me just say they are gorgeous. Full of clear color photographs of knots, ties, suspensions and beautiful art. He lets the photos and simple icons take the place of lengthy instructions, including words only when necessary. He starts each book with sensible safety information, as well as a photographic index. He goes into the physics of suspension and lifting. He writes in a clear and approachable manner, and takes time to point out that not every bottom is healthy, fit or flexible enough to accomplish all the things in the book, especially some of the artistic photographs. He also talks about how important it is to understand the concepts, not just memorize the patterns. They are both incredible books, and are clear, concise and very informative.

We have been working on learning the knots and the ties he shows. Experimenting with the designs, combining them and seeing what works for us. Some are very different ties than we usually do. Focusing on aesthetics rather than on comfort. We work to find balance and make them fit to my body and his vision. I have enjoyed working with them, and look forward to his third book, as well.

I recommend them to anyone with an interest in rope, and especially to anyone who loves shibari.