I Made Stuff and Things

May 30th, 2013

No clear ideas, so, what’s been going on? Last night I made a 15ish foot piece of 8ish millimeter hemp rope, as well as four whip crackers – one thick yellow, and three thin pinks. It was craft night, and I actually participated and it was good fun. Others were making “pillow” floggers from thread and beating sticks from bundles of skewers, always a good time.

What else? Camping with the poly family and friends this past weekend. Getting accepted to grad school. Looking for a new place to live, and ways to cut expenses. Looking for a new job. And pondering the universe, as always. Topics that have recently crossed my mind: body image and clothing, collars and belonging, private time and scheduling, and erotica. I wrote the next month’s worth of Monday Morning Microgasms and scheduled them to post. I considered writing an erotica today, but my brain just isn’t in it. Summer is kicking in and it’s just so hot out and inside. I’ve got journals typed up and printed, and now I have a 3-hole punch so I can put them into binders and start going through things chronologically all together. I might still need to dig through email as well, but I’m closer anyway. COPE tickets are on sale this week, but I’ve officially decided to save that money for my trip to England next August.

Started watching some Star Trek TNG this evening when I found I could still access Netflix after all. Puts me in mind of embarrassing old fantasies. Fantasies of Riker, Wesley, Q… Not to mention playing off Q’s powers to send me back to live with the Newsies or the TMNT cast. Though, lately, I’ve found the Casey Jones character more interesting than the turtles themselves. I mean, he carries a cricket bat, FFS… Mmmmm cricket bats.

Anyway. Last week’s post should have been the 4th Anniversary post. This blog is now four years old, with over 320 posts, with 199 comments, and 421 pingbacks (thank you e[lust]). This site has had nearly 20,000 views, with the most views in one day being 120 on Monday April 16th, 2012. This was mostly people coming through the aforementioned e[lust] to read Special Request. A post which is the top viewed post on this site with nearly 1000 views all on its own. Followed closely by Tied up and Tossed in a Corner coming in just below 850 views. And my favorite stat to browse, the search terms that bring readers in. Topping the list, of course, is perverted imp, but following just behind are: “art or porn” and “clothespin zipper.” Oddly enough, this week, someone also came in with the search term “plastic shrews fiddle.” Why would you want one of plastic, I wonder?

So, happy anniversary dear readers, and many more to come.


7th Anniversary

August 26th, 2011

Hubby and I are celebrating our 7th Anniversary this weekend. Married for seven years as of yesterday. Our reception was at the Renaissance Festival, on our third anniversary he got me my dragon collar there, and tomorrow we’re planning on going back again. There hasn’t been a week gone by since he bought me that dragon that I haven’t gotten a compliment on it. Makes me beam every time, and smirk a little bit because they don’t know what it really symbolizes.

Seven years together, and many more to come. It has been quite the adventure. From moving cross-country twice, to meeting swingers and then the leather and lifestyle communities. From temp jobs to high paying globe-trotting jobs, to retail and help desk. Through four apartments and sharing a house. Through five cars and eight computers. With trips to Seattle, Boston, Maine, California, Chicago, Michigan and back home to Idaho; some together and some separately. And definitely through sickness and health, richer and poorer.

We started this journey back in 1999, when my best friend told me there was this guy in our online game who needed a stable girl in his life. I was a college sophomore, and far from stable, but it turns out, one of the more stable female influences in his life from that moment forward. He was poly when this journey started, and I was kinky. Over the years, we have brought each other into our worlds, and found our places in both. It hasn’t always been a comfortable fit, and we are always learning and growing, but we are happy with what we have discovered, both with each other and within ourselves.

Our paths have diverged occasionally. Learning different things from different people. Spending time with our other partners. But we’ve always had each other to come home to. We have our home together, where we can collapse into each other’s arms when we need to. We take care of each other, support each other, and protect each other, and love each other as best we can.

These days we are looking to strengthen our path together. Finding new ways and old, to reconnect, to share with each other, and to grow together. Using all the things we have learned to make our next seven together even better than the first seven. It has been quite the wild ride, and we have no intention of stopping.



August 26th, 2010

I celebrated my anniversary yesterday. Married six years to my wonderful Hubby. We celebrated with sex, food and Hollywood violence. We first met in person ten years ago, to the month, but not the day. We had started talking the November before that. I have known him for over a third of my life. When we were younger and more romantic, we used to call each other soulmates. We went through so much in those early years, but we always came back to each other, always found each other again. So, we decided to stay together, six years now and many more to go.

Is it odd that marriage started a new trend for me? Previous to getting married, and with Hubby being the only exception, the longest relationship I ever had was four months in Ireland. Now, I have one boyfriend of over six months, another coming up on two years (exact dates are a bit fuzzy) and my husband of six years, who I was dating for a year and a half prior to our wedding. Relationships are not easy, and I am so lucky to have found these three men who work hard with me to keep things together. Even more lucky because my two boyfriends each have primary(and sometimes other secondary) relationships that require their time and attention as well. Not to mention how grateful I am to those other partners for sharing them with me.

I commented the other day that I’d never paid much mind to anniversaries before, other than my wedding anniversary, because I’d never had a relationship last that long before him. It is incredible to me that I now have three with the potential to mark not just months, but years. Poly is hard for some people to understand, but to have this much love in my life, is such a wonderful thing. I am forever grateful to my Hubby for being patient with me while I came to terms with both his and my own polyamorous nature. Our life together is that much richer for all the love that is in it.