Wondering Woman

June 2nd, 2017

You know you’ve been away from your blog too long when you’ve missed five version updates of the CMS. It’s June already, and I’ve only made 4 posts this year. I am going to stop giving all the excuses of those posts. My heart just isn’t in it lately. My life is busy and crazy, and blogging has lost its shine. Even my weekly blog to my family missed a few posts in May. And it’s the only thing keeping me from the traditional weekly call at 4pm on Sunday.

I’m just home from watching Wonder Woman. I left work early so I could go see it before going to the bowling munch tonight, sure that it would be on everyone’s mind and lips. Went by myself, as is usual of late, and pondered the idea of a Movie Daddy… like a sugar daddy, only, he just takes me to the movies every week. <Smirk>


Any rate. The movie was good, though not super awesome great. I was annoyed that she took him to bed, but at least it was clear that she wanted to, and that he required her consent to even sleep beside her that first night out. I was also annoyed that she only came fully into her power when he died and found her calling when she recalled the memory of him saying he loved her. I’m not a comicbook-girl. I don’t know what the “real” story is. Maybe that’s how it was originally written, but this is 2017, dammit.

Overall, though, she is a good character, and it was a good origin story. Rebellious child, trained in secret, defies her mother to save the world, and boy, does she. Bullet deflecting bracers, lasso of truth, awe-inspiring fighting skills, and all the bravery and compassion one could hope for in a hero.


After inauguration this year, things have looked pretty bleak. But people are fighting back. In many different ways, in any way they can. In court, at marches and protests, at the ballot box, on the airwaves and internet. Just this week, the Governor of California made a public call to unite against Trump’s dangerous environmental policies. We need heroes these days, but not supers, just normal, every day people willing to stand up against the insanity.

My work this summer will include helping children learn to read. I will help in the fight by arming the next generation with the skills they need to make this city, state, country, and world a better place. It’s fitting that our theme for several years has been: Be a Hero, Read.


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