Election 2016

November 9th, 2016

That’s the trouble with NaNo – not editing your work, you don’t realize the final word of a day was misspelled… and then I somehow skipped yesterday, so it’s been misspelled for nearly two days. Weee! Despite the desire to drink yesterday, Monday should have ended with everything you can dream, not dram. Awesome, Imp. Awesome.

So, yesterday was terribly disappointing. I’m currently tuned in to Tim Kaine about to introduce Hillary for her concession speech. Only .2% difference in popular vote, but a Massive difference in Electoral votes. Ugh! And Republicans keeping control of the House and Senate.

I am scared. Of what is going to happen going forward. Of who is going to end up on the Supreme Court. Of what terrible things are going to get passed. Of President-Elect Trump becoming Commander in Chief of our military forces. I am grateful that the Presidency is the least powerful branch of government, but Congress now has an aligned President. That’s what scares me the most.

Clinton encourages us to come together and move forward. To continue fighting for what is right. That the fight is always worth it. Trump began his speech with reuniting this country, as well. Though the second half of his speech seems to be thanking everyone he brought on stage with him, family, staff, and politicians. One can only hope he creates a cabinet of intelligent advisors.

The elections are over, the fight has just begun.


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