So Close, I Can Taste It

August 13th, 2015

Finished my last final of my last Grad School class the other day. All I have left is my two internships this fall. So excited! And then I’ll be done, I’ll have a Masters of Library and Information Science, and hopefully, I’ll have a new job. Super excited about all this.

Also hopeful that I can get back to posting regularly again. Look, it’s Thursday and I’m posting!

I’ve added a new plugin to the site, as the old GVoice stopped working. Now, at the bottom of posts, you will see a button that you can press to have the post read aloud by the computer. If you really want to. It’s kinda amusing for a little bit. Note: this is not my voice, it’s just a fun tool, so it’ll probably get some words wrong.

As usual, everything happens at once, and life is insanely full of All the Things. Rope Intensive next weekend, full of parties and rope and things. And just a few weeks later, we’re already at COPE again. I haven’t even had time to think about it, let alone plan anything. I should really look and see what the theme reveal was.



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