Group Service

April 19th, 2015

As a service sub, I have generally only served one person. I serve him in a variety of ways, at varying levels of protocol, depending on the situation and event. I have served him in combination with his other partners or alone, in his home, at kink events, and even at vanilla conventions.

Recently, he gave me the opportunity to serve a small group which included himself, at a vanilla, but kink accepting, gathering. The small group was all aware of our relationship and had observed my service to him at various levels. We discussed my wearing a uniform – which was up to me to decide on, clothing selection being limited, and having to be wearable outdoors at points. We discussed the protocol – I would kneel beside him unless performing a specific task. He asked if there was anything I needed, as I would be kneeling for quite some time, and I suggested a pillow might be useful. And we discussed my service – I would perform tasks requested by any person at the table – mostly fetching of drinks and food. There was also a challenge – one of those at the table was quite used to serving his partner himself, though not in as formal an arrangement as mine, and I was to do my best to not allow this.

When the gathering began, he informed the group of my service to them. I retrieved a pillow from the couch, and initial drink requests. During the event, I discovered that putting the pillow between my calves and thighs was a much better use of it than trying to kneel on it – much like a kneeling bench, and was able to keep feeling in my legs the entire night. The service went fairly well for him and the couple used to service – even the one used to serving was entertained by being served. The other couple, however, was much more self-sufficient and for the most part, did not ask me for things.

How did I feel about all of this? What did this experience mean to me? The group was playing a boardgame that I would have otherwise not participated in, and therefore it gave me an excuse to attend, and be near to him. It was a good way to have connection with him after missing a few of our usual nights together. I enjoyed serving the other couple, too, as a way to show my appreciation for what they have contributed to my life. They often invite me into their home.

He asked me if I was aroused by this service. I said no, but it is a bit more complicated than that. I am not usually aroused by service – I am fulfilled, I told him. Now, certain parts or types of service are arousing to me – bootblacking for him, kneeling for him. So, I was aroused by spending so much time kneeling by his side. But, serving the other couple and him, by bringing them drinks and food, or performing tasks for him, was not arousing, but fulfilling for me.

This was a new experience for me. We are not a high-protocol couple, and as such, have never attended high-protocol dinners or tea services. But it was interesting to me that I found fulfillment in serving others alongside himself. Not surprising, per se, I am service oriented in my everyday life, too, but not in such a direct way as this.

These thoughts led me to actually consider a recent call for bootblacks at an event. I enjoy service and bootblacking, could I enjoy it at a “public” event? Fear and inexperience spoke up and shouted me down, but there are other reasons that I did not respond to the call. Yes, I enjoyed serving the group, but he was a part of that group, and directed my service. Bootblacking is a joy for me, but mostly in my service to him. Blacking his boots is arousing to me, and I feel awkward about the thought of blacking boots other than his (or ones I’m practicing on, because yay for learning skills). I don’t play with strangers, and am uncomfortable making myself vulnerable to people I don’t know in this way. Or even people that I do know, but don’t have that kind of relationship with. Especially without him there.


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