The Sensual Body

December 28th, 2014

Let’s start at the top. Massage my head, run your fingers through my hair. Pull my hair, curl your fingers in it tight at the back of my skull. Kiss my forehead, rub my temples. Kiss my closed eyelids. Stare into my eyes. Butterfly kisses. Kiss the tip of my nose. Eskimo kisses. Stroke my cheek with a gentle hand, or your fingers tips. Kiss me. Run a fingertip over my lips, or your tongue, or your teeth. Kiss up my jaw to my ear. Kiss, lick, or nibble my earlobe. Down to my throat, fingers, tongue, teeth, lips. Kiss me, bite me, massage away the tension in my neck and shoulders. All the way down my back, strong hands, light fingers, soft kisses, scratching nails.

Around to the front, kiss every inch of me. Stroke my chest, fondle, squeeze my breasts. Kiss, suck, nibble, bite, pinch my nipples. Kiss my belly, run your fingertips over it lightly, tickle me mercilessly. Slide your hands around my hips. Stroke, grab, pinch, smack my ass. Run your hands down my thighs, and back up. Cover them with kisses, pinches, and teeth. My calves are so tender, run fingertips down them lightly, strong hands to massage the tension out. Strong grip and teeth will bring exquisite pain, kiss them tenderly. My feet so ticklish, welcoming deep massage and light teases, kisses and teeth.

Back up to the center, carefully trimmed, occasionally waxed, never shaven. Light touch, or hard, hands, fingers, tongue, teeth, or cock. Clit so sensitive and eager. Rub, tease, kiss, suck. I am open, wet, ready.


One Response to “The Sensual Body”

  1. PervertedImp says:

    Realized that I forgot my arms. They are my broken parts, but as a writer, also one of the most important…

    Don’t forget my arms, I often do. Light fingertips trail down their length, entwine your fingers with mine. Kisses back up, a la Gomez and Morticia. Focus on the pulse points. Kiss, nibble, bite the inside of the elbow and wrist. Kiss each finger, fingertip, suck them gently, or hard.