My First Futo

November 29th, 2014

I should be working on my term project, but the upstairs neighbors are blasting music again. Ruins my concentration. I haven’t quite figured out if it is band practice, or just a really loud stereo. It’s only 6pm on a Saturday, so not a huge deal, just not helpful for homework. So, writing instead.

He came home from his visit up north with some new rope skills to practice. So, we had a ropetastic Wednesday night. First he showed the other riggers the new Y-hanger he had learned, and they worked on it for a bit. Then he moved on to the new Futomomo.

I’ve never actually hung in a Futo before, though he tied one on me a couple weeks ago, the better to beat me, when I could not get away. I knew my leg would bend well enough for it, but I forgot to take into account the bruises from the last few weeks when I decided on which leg to offer.

He tied my ankle, and then started the wraps up. No problem, then he started feeding through the center and locking down each wrap. Pain. That’s odd, pain on the inside of the futo, not the outside like I expected. Ow! Is it too tight? I don’t even know what that means for this tie. No, I don’t think so, but Ow. I am so very confused by the strangely located pain while he finishes the tie. Some on the lowest wrap, but mostly inside. He keeps asking if it is too tight. Rope is hardly ever too tight for me, and he’s going to hang me by it, so I keep saying no. The I remember the bruises, must be hitting those. Okay, makes sense now.

He ties the lift rope and pulls. OW!!! Fucking hell! Okay, yeah, this is an excruciating tie. Ow, Ow, Ow! You okay? Yeah. It’s actually really comfortable on the rest of my body, just hurts like hell. He ties me off and grabs the dragontail. Of course he does. Gotta not scream, I cover my mouth, swearing and spinning and flailing. Hook my free leg up in the lift rope. Snap, breathe, snap, yelp. Free leg is awkward, trying to keep away from the tail. Fuck my tied leg hurts. Okay, I need down.

He lowers me, lets me breathe for a few moments, then back up, but only partial. My shoulders are still on the ground, but I can’t quite get my free leg down. Twisting, and swearing as he snaps the tail some more. Cover the screams, don’t bother the neighbors.

Tied foot is a little numb, but still moving and feeling. Okay, free leg is really getting annoyed now. Hurting my hip trying to figure out how to support it. He lets me down.

Fun? Yes. Comfortable? Yes, but it fucking hurts. Grins and kisses and he unties my leg. Oh, that’s what blood flow feels like. Try to straighten my leg. Nope, not yet. Yep, the rope was on All the Bruises. Wee! He drops all the rope in my lap. Happy space. Mmmm hemp. Excellent night.


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