Kiss The Girls

November 23rd, 2014

I’m awake, so I might as well write. Watched a few odd movies tonight. Tried Fargo – just couldn’t do it. Got to the bugs taking a nightcrawler back to the nest and gave up. Watched Killing Season, almost gave up, but then it got interesting. Travolta as a Serbian, though, was driving me nuts. Then I watched Kiss the Girls, based on James Patterson’s book. That’s why I’m still awake.

*** SPOILERS ****

Cary Elwes as a serial kidnapper, rapist, and killer. WTF. Not just your garden variety one, either. Not that there really is such a thing. But I watch a lot of cop shows, and crime movies. And I’ve seen the type before – kidnap a girl because he “loves her” and wants her to love him, too, or thinks she does. And I’ve also seen the story of keeping several alive at once. But this was even more. But that wasn’t even the disturbing part. I know he’s not Westley, or Robin Hood, but I see him in a happy light in my mind. It wasn’t the mask, though that was a fucked up mask, or the way he treated the girls, though it was twisted and sick. It was really that final scene in her house. Where he is playing his “day time” role, and then turns into the “Casanova” role. Right there, no mask, just him. You know it’s him by that point, but to watch it, to see it emerge like that, out of the nice guy, the good guy. Fucking creepy. Bravo Cary, bravo.

So aside from violent movies, what else have I been doing lately?

Playing way too much Warlords of Draenor. Getting ready for my final two projects this semester. Having some really nice Wednesday nights, complete with play. Two of which have been OTK, which is lovely. The other involving rope, mmm tasty. All the usual parties that fall entails, and more to come. Stress levels high. Patience wearing thin. Exhaustion ever looming. Weeee!


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