Bootblacking for WW

February 5th, 2014

This was my project for today:


Three pairs of boots and my kit box

This is my Kit:

My bootblacking kit


This is Before and After of his soft-toed boots:

Before and after of the soft toed boots


This is After and Before (did the other boot first on this set) of his steel-toed boots:

After and Before of his steel-toed boots


This is the Before and After of my cheap, but shiny boots:

Before and after of shiny toed boots


And last, but not least, the whole set of finished boots:

Three pairs of shined boots and Bootblacking 101


Next savings goal(after my UK trip) is getting myself real leather boots.


2 Responses to “Bootblacking for WW”

  1. Sparrow says:

    They look very nice. You are really good at it. I have to say that bootblacking is not my thing, although, I have been known to recondition and take care of saddles and horse tack. I can appreciate the amount of time this sort of thing takes.