List Three – Dream Vacations

February 3rd, 2014

Top 3 Dream Vacations

  1. A tour of England, Scotland, and Ireland. With stops to visit all my friends, the famous sites and castles, and the museums and libraries.
  2. A trip to Australia and New Zealand, to visit my daddy and the awesome kink community I keep reading about down there, and see all the natural wonders I was too poor to see the first time I went.
  3. A tour of all the great amusement parks in the United States, so I can ride all the roller-coasters. I have a good number of friends, not to mention my polycule, who would be awesome to have along on this adventure.

2 Responses to “List Three – Dream Vacations”

  1. Sparrow says:

    Visiting libraries across the US and Europe is definitely on my list of places to go. 🙂