Choosing Happiness

January 8th, 2014

I have always maintained that happiness is a choice. That is not to say that I always choose to be happy – as the song says, sometimes I just want to be mad for a while. Or sad. Or scared. These feelings in and of themselves are not bad, it is what I do with them. If I use mad or scared to make improvements in my life, that’s a good thing. If I use sad to let out some stress and tension, that’s a good thing. These feelings become negative if I use them in destructive ways – self-destructive, relationship-destructive, or burn-down-a-building-destructive are all bad things.

The super cold weather has left me lethargic and spacey. He kept asking me what was wrong the other night because I felt off to him. But there wasn’t anything wrong, I was just being my reptile self – having less energy in the cold. I need to work on actively combating that drain, because it’s going to be winter for several more months and things are about to get busy again.

I choose happiness this year. I choose to focus on improving myself and my relationships. I choose to do whatever I can think of to make this year excellent.

That could include more blogging. It could include more coloring (I got adult-crayons for Christmas). It could include more photos. It could include more reading (I just received Bootblacking 101 from Amazon). What it does not include is being negative, lethargic, or passive. Time to get my ass in gear for a great 2014.


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