Cynical Life Lessons

January 3rd, 2014

The other day, we were discussing terrible lessons we learned as young girls, and their affect on our adult relationship behavior. I started thinking about this, because we could not pinpoint a specific source for a particular lesson other than “all chick flicks everywhere” and I was pretty sure it started earlier than that. So, I started thinking about Disney. I’m sure others have done this, so I’m going to Google and link after I make my own list.

Little Mermaid. This is the one we were talking about without knowing it. Life lesson: You don’t have to talk, just be beautiful, and he will fall in love and go to the ends of the earth for you, afterall, men can read minds, can’t they?

Beauty and the Beast. Life lesson: Sacrifice everything for the men in your life and he will change into the perfect prince.

Cinderella. Life lesson: Wear the most beautiful and expensive clothes because he won’t love you or even recognize you without them. Also, step mothers and step siblings are wicked and cruel, only your real mother will love you.

Snow White. Life lesson: Again with the evil step mother. And women are weak and gullible, only men can save them from themselves.

Sleeping Beauty. Life lesson: Again with the only men can save us weak women from ourselves and each other.

Mulan. Life lesson: You must act like a man to be accepted in society.

Pocahontas and Aladdin. Life lesson: Again with accepting your role as chattel and only another man can save you and show you the world.

Tangled. Life lesson: Violence is the answer.

I haven’t seen the newest Disney movies, though it seems we are moving more towards self-saving princesses, finally.

So, now for other people’s opinions: Buzzfeed: and The FW: and Hello Giggles: and Baileypop:


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