Unfinished Conversation

December 26th, 2013

I had a conversation recently about boundaries. In certain venues, or after certain amounts of alcohol in other venues, I’m a fairly flirty person. Every now and then, there comes up the question of how far is too far? And a friend will ask if they’ve overstepped their bounds. Now, first things first, please know that if that happens, I am more than capable (these days) of saying so, and saying No. But, I thought I’d post an easy reference guide, for my flirting boundaries for friends.

      1. About the only verbal line I have is against actual and earnest propositions for sexual/kink activity (i.e. “Hey baby, let’s go upstairs and fuck.”) from those I’m not in a relationship with. Innuendo, teasing, sass, sarcasm, and jokes are all just fine.
      2. As far as touch, strangers stay hands off, acquaintances can ask for hugs, friends can go as far as kisses, cuddles, and massage, and really close friends can sometimes get away with ass grabbing and stroking clothed body parts (see below).
        • Hair grabbing, genital groping and extended making out are beyond the friends line.
        • Boobs are a case-by-case basis, but generally casual or teasing gropes are allowed, but serious squeezing/nipple pinching or extended fondling are not.
      3. If something is unclear – ask. Again, I know how to say No.


December has not been a great posting month for me. Looking forward to the new year and hoping things continue to move upward.


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