Ill Ramblings

November 7th, 2013

I hate being ill. It has felt like someone trying to dig my throat out through my ears all week. Does not do well for the creativity centers when the rest of the body just wants to sleep til it’s over. I did have an odd vision of a vampire seduction gone terribly wrong as the woman tries to eat the vampire’s heart through his chest. I blame watching Alien last night for that, though.

Had a great time at Trauma, though I didn’t get many scenes, what with the running around keeping things moving. We had a great crew who worked the asses off to do almost 300 scenes in two nights. Not bad for about 20 folks. There was cupping and violet wands and drumming and flogging and suspension. Our resident electricity craftsman brought out a lot of new toys, too. Including his new stun baton, yes I ran the hell away from that thing. There was also the usual burlesque lady with her snakes. I ran away from her, too. But other than that and a few other hiccups, it went really well. The shows were mostly awesome, too. From high-flying suspension (JEALOUS), to arial work, to dancing, to flesh-hook suspensions (no, didn’t watch that either). A great time had by all.

He got new boots. They’re not lineman boots this time. They’re… like boot-shaped tennis shoes. The leather is soft and squishy. Not sure what, if anything, I can do with them. The instigator promises another bootblack meeting soon, so we’ll see what the others have to say. The steel-toes were just killing his feet.

Tickets have been purchased for Winter Wickedness. Very excited to go to that. Many good presenters will be there, and much fun will be had by all.


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