September 26th, 2013


I was introduced to a new website by one of my classes this week… Wordle.net so I made this pretty picture of my Tag Cloud for you. Yes, my brain is that stumped tonight.

I’m not sure why. I had a really great weekend with him and the engineer. We had an awesome night of metal bondage, poking and amazing flogging scenes(well, I don’t know if hers was amazing, but mine was). And then a different kind of party the next night, with brand new hot tub, which managed to hold 13 people at once, and then some very nice sleepy cuddle time. Not to mention the drive up and back with each other, and a nice dinner Monday night with the whole polycule together. I told my best friend all about it, and now I’m telling you, because it was all very lovely, but not the kind of lovely I want to share in minute intimate detail. Maybe there will be some of that coming up in October and November, we’ll see.

I heard a poly song on the radio today. If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right – which has been sung by a great many people over the years, and is actually fairly good. Most songs are about cheating and trying to take the husband from the wife. This song makes no mention of leaving either relationship. It acknowledges that the other partner’s needs are just as great. It talks about disapproval from family and friends, but the singer stands up for their own right to love. It even mentions the troubles of time management. I am not convinced this message was what the writer was trying to convey, but as with most art, we take from it that which we want to.

On another random note, why does a pasta company care about sexuality? Seriously, Barilla, your pasta’s not even that good.


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