Sex Education

April 18th, 2013

Or the lack thereof, really.  Two articles today that piss me off.

First, we have a religious group funding a abstinence-only sex “education” speaker at a public school. The class vice-president protests and speaks out about the slut-shaming behavior and false information of the speaker, and her principal threatens her college career. Read about it Here.

Second, we have Ohio lawmakers trying to empower parents to sue public schools who appear to condone “gateway sexual activity.” And while they’re at it, they’re also seeking to reduce funding to comprehensive family planning centers and raise it for those that reject abortion. You can read about this Here.

And, because not everyone in the world is an idiot, here’s an awesome video from New Zealand:


One Response to “Sex Education”

  1. says:

    To me, a proper sex education,besides imparting knowledge, should also put more emphasis on responsible in sexual behavior. Kids must make to know the consequences of sex. For kids , a proper sex education should be about teaching them how to relate well with the opposite sex. Sex education should not be just about sex. It should be about responsibility and respect for each other.