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August 9th, 2012

I should be being responsible, cleaning up a the least, doing laundry, editing. So, of course, I’m blogging instead. But I can’t focus on serious stuff, not even erotica. I started poking around my site stats. And then I started making top ten lists, and they entertained me. So now I am going to share them with you, and maybe even make up a few top tens that are amusing to someone other than myself.

Top Ten Search Terms of All Time

  1.  perverted imp – 39 searches
  2. art or porn – 28 searches (plus 13 more for artorporn)
  3. complete shibari – 23 searches (plus 20 more for complete shibari stars)
  4. nipple clamps – 18 searches
  5. forced orgasms – 14 searches
  6. humiliation play – 11 searches
  7. clothespin zipper – 11 searches
  8. consensual feminization – 10 searches
  9. pain slut – 10 searches
  10. perverted orgasm – 10 searches

I get some pretty ridiculous search terms leading to my blog some days, but these all seem pretty reasonable. I do miss those clothespin zippers. 😉

Then I went looking at the tags I use, and being amused by the number of posts with love as a tag, that became my second list.

 Top Ten Tags of All Time

  1.  love – 69 posts
  2. pain – 56 posts
  3. communication – 44 posts
  4. rope -39 posts
  5. control – 39 posts
  6. gratitude – 36 posts
  7. bondage – 33 posts
  8. kneeling – 33 posts
  9. suspension – 30 posts
  10. sex – 27 posts

I think that’s a pretty fair assessment of this blog and my journey.

And of course, it being a blog, we have the posts. Most of the top ten are due to e[lust] digests, but that’s what networking is for.

 Top Ten Viewed Posts of All Time

  1. Special Request – 897 views
  2. Tied Up and Tossed in a Corner – 659 views
  3. What I Like and Why – 406 views
  4. Connection Intimacy & Trust – 396 views
  5. Negotiation Win – 372 views
  6. I’m a Bootlicker and That’s Okay – 218 views
  7. Day One – Define Your Kinky Self – 118 views
  8. Art or Porn? – 64 views
  9. Day Four Early Experiences – 53 views
  10. Day Five – First Experience – 53 views

And in honor of the class last night on negotiation, where we learned that hearing what we want read aloud makes it less scary to ask, because most of our desires are held by other people, too.

Perverted Imp’s Top Ten Masturbatory Fantasies (in current order of frequency)

  1.  Naughty school girl gets spanked and gives sexual favors in return (often starting with boyfriend, then being caught by teacher (and then principal) and the cycle repeated)
  2. Licking and kissing his boots, and his leather pants and his chest…
  3. Sorority girl serves at fraternity party, and is used as entertainment by the brothers, usually spankings and blow jobs
  4. Being entranced by a vampire at a night club/bar and taken to his country home and bitten and turned
  5. Kidnapped off the street into a van, bound, gagged, photographed and forced to perform sexual acts for the camera
  6. Caught coming out of the shower by a burglar, threatened with a knife and raped
  7. Being a Brooklyn newsie dating Spot Conlon, who gets into fights, he then drags her off to punish her, followed by make-up sex
  8. Pretending to be the queen in 300, offering herself up to be used to save her husband
  9. Being trained and sold as a sex slave to a wealthy noble
  10. Kidnapped in a foreign country/war zone and interrogated and tortured by masked men

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