Can’t Brain

May 11th, 2012

I can’t brain this week. I mean, I can think, but I can’t come up with something to write about. Sure, you say, that’s what I always think. And look at all the things I’ve written. But yesterday and today, nothing is coming to mind that I haven’t already written about, will write about next week, or that everyone else has already written about.

Posted about MDQ last week, and my writing and all that. Worked on a new homepage for the site today. I’m getting tons of traffic, but not a lot of sales. Hoping to change that. Or at least get a few more sales. Moved the blog posts over to a What’s New? page and did more of a splash page on the front end. Big plans for next week with my writing, but well, that’s for next week.

There was a mess up in Michigan this week. The news decided that a murder suspect’s alternative lifestyle choices might have to do with the murder, so they took a hidden camera into a kinky party that this guy had previously attended and filmed people playing. Hurray for the NCSF, they got them to at least blur the video a lot more for the broadcast so people wouldn’t be as easily identified. The teaser trailer the played all day, however could have already done damage. And the lovely newsfolk outed the venue, so it will probably never get used again. Let alone imagine the guff the folk who own/run the place are going to get. The news pointed out that other nights of the week, senior citizens play Bingo there. Way to be classy folks. The report itself wasn’t too terrible, but the reporter seemed a bit incredulous the whole time. And linking a murder, committed in an SUV in an alley, to a group of innocent kinky folk just trying to have a good time at a private party is just ridiculous. Thanks, sweeps week, you always bring out the worst of TV. There’s a whole huge thread on Fetlife about this if you want to read more.

Been listening to Tim Minchin in the car again lately. So, I’ll leave you with a video this week. Next week will be loads more fun, I promise.


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