April 19th, 2012

She glared at him from the corner, an impish smirk playing at her lips. He smiled back, weighing the rope in his right hand, left patting the coils hooked still to his belt. She braced herself, looking for a way past, as he pulled the coil loose and tossed the tails to the floor. Twisting the center into a cuff, he slips his own hand through, preparing for her charge.

He takes a step toward her, time is up. She scurries to his left, turning as he grabs for her arm. His hand slides down, but catches at her wrist and they spin in a circle together until he lands her up against the wall. His body trapping hers, he slides the cuff from his wrist to hers as she struggles to get away.

Wrapping his freed hand in the rope just below the cuff he prepares for his next move. Knowing the hand is lost, she tries to push it away from the rest of her body, readying for him to let up from the wall.

The pressure releases and she tries to flee away from the caught hand and the rope attached to it. But he is ready, tangling her legs with his and twisting her arm behind her back. And she is on the ground, a knee in the small of her back, her hand on the opposite shoulder blade. He lifts her head by the hair and slips the rope around the front of her neck to keep her from struggling, then feeds it through her armpit, because he know she will anyway.

One arm secured, she hold the other one straight away from her body, as far from him as she can. But he is taller, his arms longer, he grabs the wrist and starts pulling it in. She rocks and kicks and tries to force him off, but he is steady and stronger.

He twists her free arm around and up behind her back, across the first, pinning it with his knee, making quick work of the tie-off, then back over her shoulder and through her other armpit. Matching the first run. He brings the rope to the middle, tying her arms together where they cross. Vertically and horizontally, so she cannot pull out.

He grabs another coil of rope and she feels it hit the floor beside her as he tosses it out. He links the new rope to the old, she can feel him tying extra knots, just for (his) fun later.

And then it’s her feet. She kicks and squirms some more, knowing she has lost the first round, but not wanting to give him too easy a time. He gives up on elegant tying and just wraps the rope around her ankles repeatedly, pulling until she has no more slack to kick. Once immobilized, he takes care to tighten it down with a vertical wrap around the ankle wraps, and then brings the tails back to the splice point to tie off with even more excessive, yet decorative knots.

A small coil comes off his belt and he gathers her hair up into a tight pony tail. Tying it off, he trails the end back to her ankles, through the vertical wrap and down to join the linking knots by her ass.

He steps back, and she rolls her eyes up to look at him, not quite able to regain her earlier glare. He smiled down at the pile of rope and flesh he has created and leans down to kiss her forehead.

“Fifteen minutes, do you think? If not, I’ll just add more rope.”

And he walked to a nearby table to chat with friends while they watched her struggle.


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