Best Laid Plans

February 2nd, 2012

And these weren’t even well laid plans, more like hastily cobbled excitement.

I’m still waiting on my vendor’s license from the state of Ohio, and still fighting with PDF files for that matter(thank you toy), so my projected release date of February 1st has come and gone with no print magazine. I have started posting the articles online. Safety First: First Aid Kits is up for public reading and the St Andrew’s Cross article is up for members only viewing. It is free to sign up, just a name and an email address required. I’m not using this information for email marketing, so no worries there. Though I do wish it would notify members of new posts. (Is there a plugin for that?) Five of the articles will be open and public, three of them will be members only, this time around. I’m testing to see if people are willing to sign up for extra content. Hopefully the government will get in gear soon, and I’ll have the print edition available, too.

I’m trying to sort out my next featured dungeon. The one I hoped for isn’t available in time, the same with most of the others I know about nearby. There is one in Michigan I’m thinking about, but if anyone knows of a public dungeon (permanent or temporary) that I could feature in the Spring issue (photos and interview done by early April), please drop me a line.

So, it has become more of a soft release, because I’m not going all out on advertising until I have the full product available. In theory, the next issue will go smoother, with three months to do it in instead of one. I am really enjoying this project. I hope other people get value from it, too.


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