Gratitude Catch Up

January 24th, 2012

When your world falls apart, some things get left undone.

I am grateful for:

1) Honesty, even when it is hard

2) Strength, even when I have to borrow it, and especially from those that let me

3) Tears, even though I still hide them

4) Advice from friends and loved ones who truly care

5) Professional contacts, because sometimes good intentions are just not enough

6) Love, it’s not all you need, but it gives you a reason to hold on

7)  Support, even from across the ocean

8) Comfort, in the touch of a hand, or a hug, or just in words

9) Soft, squishy couch

10) Two hours a day without customers in the store

11)  Good news

12) Normals and Negatives

13) Mirena next month

14) Internet marketing advice

15) A new plan

16) Feeling better by writing this list

17) Patience and calm returning

18) 3 of 4 W2s

19) Wonderful, loving parents

20) Friends around the globe

21) Having had the opportunity to walk across hot coals

22) Knowing I am strong enough to handle what life throws my way

23) Comfort food

24) Math

25) e[lust]


One Response to “Gratitude Catch Up”

  1. Fyre says:

    Good luck with the Mirena!! 🙂